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Those who suffer the most

Posted by ghostpipe73 on January 15, 2009

Happy new year 2009 to all.

It’s now becoming a norm for us to hear or read news about human sufferings due to human-inflicted activity, such as war, famine, epidemic outbreak, human error resulting in fatality, political upheaval, etc.

The ever-growing trend I notice is that those who suffer the most in almost all these circumstances and calamity can do very little, or not at all, to help alleviate their suffering.

Take the war-torn Gaza strip for example, the simplest and most common of examples. Who suffers the most? Take a guess. And what can they do to help themselves? Not very much. Who’s war is it anyway?

That’s a war example. Something closer to home would be the relocation of communities affected by dam projects, e.g. Murum hydroelectric dam. See link below for some non-affiliated-to-this-blog news:

Sad world. But of course, I believe if you want to turn the tide around, those who suffer the most must first change their mindset to believe that they can help themselves. Belief is first, for without it you can never have anything.


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