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Malaysian Economic Agenda

Posted by ghostpipe73 on March 16, 2008

Check out this post by Elizabeth Wong.  Worth your 5 minutes if you’re Malaysian and you’ve just gotten over the shock of the ruling government losing their two-thirds majority in the recent election.

And enjoy the cartoon.  I bitch about how the government spends my tax cut. Hopefully in the future it is spent wisely by those in tax money spending power.



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Sometimes I feel like a penguin

Posted by ghostpipe73 on March 16, 2008

Sometimes I feel like a penguin.  You know what you’re talking about but no one listens to you because you’re a penguin.

Penguin cartoon

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Avenues for Alternative Thoughts

Posted by ghostpipe73 on March 16, 2008

I was going to scribble my opinion on politics but then I thought, what do I know about politics. Then I thought again, what does anyone out there who talks about politics know about politics? So here I am writing about what I think of politics.

Malaysia just got over their 12th national election this month, the winning side being the previous ruling party that’s been forming the Government for the last 50 years. The US are now in the midst of sorting out who’s going to replace their current, beloved President. Beloved. Some may of course beg to differ by a thousand years.

It’s rather disturbing when I think of how politics in my country is practised, and how the people have accepted the way it’s being practised over the years. Well accepting it in principle that is. Disturbing because I’m wondering, does anyone out there (or inside) actually knows what being involved in politics is all about? Even as voters, with anyone who is eligible being given the right to vote for whomever they think is suitable, does anyone actually know what kind of weight their decision to vote carries?

I was with a bunch of mates on Thursday evening and naturally the topic of politics came floating by and almost instantly overtook everything else we had discussed earlier. One of my mates thinks that it really doesn’t matter who wins and rules the country, what matters is what kind of reformation or changes or improvement the ruling side can bring to the nation, that’s what’s important. Putting everything else in proper context and perspective, that statement does make sense.

I am neither pro nor anti Government, but I am in support of avenues for alternative governance that can provide positive changes to the nation. There is no hope in hell anytime soon that any ruling government in this country or in any other country that practices so-called democracy can wish for a completely clean, non-corrupted government to lead their country to economic well-being, political stability and a nationwide peace, be it the ruling side or the opposition. Wishful thinking with a fresh joint in your hand that would be. With any type of governance – be it communism, democracy, autocracy, etc. – humans have created unto themselves systems that only magnify their malicious manifestations of one of the top seven deadly sins, i.e. greed. It’s difficult to isolate man from greed. Greed begets greed.

I only hope to see some changes made in this country, changes that can perhaps give some new hope to the generations to come. It’s enough that rainforest in Borneo have been harvested in the last 30 years to provide wealth to a certain group of people and community in the island – a handful in fact – and successfully annihilated the virgin jungles and thus habitats of fauna as well as displacing some of the indigenious groups from their homes and traditional practices. I am hoping that these kinds of situation are not prolonged, and I hope those in so-called power now can put their foot where their mouth is, and not be a beggar with food scraps in one hand and a key to an S-class in the other.

Avenues. We have to allow for avenues. Avenues for alternative thoughts. Emancipation of thoughts for better governance.

For now, good luck to us all who live in democratic governance.

If the taxes don’t get you, the corrupted will.

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Manic Street Preachers: Australia & Motorcycle Emptiness

Posted by ghostpipe73 on March 5, 2008

Songs that describe a certain phase in a person’s life often comes precisely at the time it is most needed. I wasn’t very much of a songwriter back when these two songs were released. Now that I am, I can express myself better. But before that, I relied a lot on songs that were out there.

These two fitted the bill back in those days.

And somehow still do.


Motorcycle Emptiness:

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Depeche Mode’s Strangelove

Posted by ghostpipe73 on March 5, 2008

This song I used to live by. Back in ’88 it meant the world to me. Between ’91-93 it gave me directions when I was searching for reasons to be where I was. Between ’96-’97 it brought me out of the chasm of doom. It is a song that described what I used to believe I was like.

Now, 20 years on, the lyrics I feel still make a lot of sense, in some way, and kind of fits into how my life is going at the moment.

Listen carefully to words sung by Dave Gahan in this video.

Here’s the bomb-the-bass mix of the song. The video for this one’s much better, but that’s not the point I’m trying to make.

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Kasabian’s Club Foot

Posted by ghostpipe73 on March 5, 2008

Clearly this song shows the writer’s ability to create their own distinctive style of music. 

A favourite.

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