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Let It Rain

Posted by ghostpipe73 on January 16, 2009

Rock and opera. Something not down my alley but some things are good even though they are not down your alley.

Jon Bon Jovi and the late Pavarotti. Liberia ’98.

This is a good one.


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Dissident – how much crap can one take (or talk about)?

Posted by ghostpipe73 on October 27, 2008

This song reminded me of the time when I realised that I didn’t know what I wanted to believe in, so I resorted to becoming overly cynical of the things around me and finally evolved rather rapidly into a 90s ramshackle subliminal dissident.

How much crap one can take or talk about, is entirely proportional to how long you can pull your earlobes before you feel this excruciating pain.

Eddie Vedder’s lyrics rocks.

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Faith No More – The Epic

Posted by ghostpipe73 on September 7, 2008

1994 was the year this song made it to the charts. I was still a 6th former then. About the same time Rage Against the Machine made it big. And a whole host of other new era of rock bands.  Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots.

The eerie piano ending is a definite haunting.

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These Hard Times

Posted by ghostpipe73 on August 16, 2008

Another great song from Rob Thomas and his buddies from Matchbox 20.  His lyrics make sense straight away, you hardly need to read between the lines for its meaning.

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You have to write it thinking nobody’s ever gonna listen to it

Posted by ghostpipe73 on July 13, 2008

Rob Thomas has always been a songwriter and musician I admire. He makes his myriads of points in this clip which I find very much universal for any artist or songwriter. You’re out there just doing your thing, trying to find solace by releasing your feelings and thoughts through the songs you write. Sometimes it just flows like an avalanche, sometimes it’s just stuck for ages in your system and you need months to get it out.

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Inside of You

Posted by ghostpipe73 on May 25, 2008

One of my favourite new metal bands, Hoobastank.

Great funky riffs and disco beat with good old rock flavour and strange 80s pop spiced in.

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Here in my Home

Posted by ghostpipe73 on May 22, 2008

Colours don’t matter. Neither does political inclinations. Or social status. Or how well you cook.

My home is Malaysia. And that is all I have as a home.

For more information on the song, please go to the Malaysian Artistes for Unity website.

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There can only be one Bohemian Rhapsody

Posted by ghostpipe73 on May 17, 2008

Songwriting is an art, no doubt. Plus, some skill and plenty of practice makes one better at it. Some are more gifted than others of course. This song was written by a genius. The arrangements are notoriously perfect. How I wished I could write like this.

Forget the glam rock paraphernalia for a while, just appreciate the song in its entirety. Absolutely brilliant.

Freddie Mercury and friends. Bohemian Rhapsody.

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Layla….You got me on my knees

Posted by ghostpipe73 on May 4, 2008

Some things are simply better left unsaid.  Layla by Ol’ Slowhand himself.  Damn excellent song. Nuff said.  I now dig my own grave to announce my unworthiness of this contribution to the world’s music industry for all time.

Eric Clapton, ladies and gentlemen.

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A Beautiful Lie

Posted by ghostpipe73 on May 4, 2008

Currently my favourite song.  The facts behind the song is what moved me. Emo rock delivered pretty well by Jared and his friends.

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