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Those who suffer the most

Posted by ghostpipe73 on January 15, 2009

Happy new year 2009 to all.

It’s now becoming a norm for us to hear or read news about human sufferings due to human-inflicted activity, such as war, famine, epidemic outbreak, human error resulting in fatality, political upheaval, etc.

The ever-growing trend I notice is that those who suffer the most in almost all these circumstances and calamity can do very little, or not at all, to help alleviate their suffering.

Take the war-torn Gaza strip for example, the simplest and most common of examples. Who suffers the most? Take a guess. And what can they do to help themselves? Not very much. Who’s war is it anyway?

That’s a war example. Something closer to home would be the relocation of communities affected by dam projects, e.g. Murum hydroelectric dam. See link below for some non-affiliated-to-this-blog news:

Sad world. But of course, I believe if you want to turn the tide around, those who suffer the most must first change their mindset to believe that they can help themselves. Belief is first, for without it you can never have anything.


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Sometimes you wonder why they bother

Posted by ghostpipe73 on July 16, 2008

We have talks, speeches, declarations and lamentations, as well as pledges, promises and sworn oaths made by world leaders to make a better tomorrow for all of us. But will there ever be one?

Take the G8 Summit at Toyako, Hakkaido this year for example. One who is not so world politically-inclined might ask, now what is all that shenanigan about? If given the chance I would answer – does it matter?

Talk is cheap, and so is the walk, after you’ve done the talk. You walk the talk, yes, but if your talk was cheap, then so would be your walk.

Ladies and gentlemen, don’t ever believe off-hand what you see with your eyes.  If your heart strongly feels it is wrong, it most probably is.

Whatever you do, think of what it can do to your future generation.

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Life on Earth – Bacteria frozen in Antarctic Ice

Posted by ghostpipe73 on February 22, 2008

I was recently alerted by a friend of mine about the existence of bacteria in ice, not any old ice but ice from frozen lakes in Antarctica. Browsing the net I found several articles which shed some light on this new-found phenomenon, quite interesting to me since I’m not much of a bacteria sort of a person. But what actually aroused my curiosity was the mere fact that there is actually life where you think there wouldn’t be any. I’m quite sure if such extreme conditions can harbour a certain kind of life form, then what more to say the nearest planets to Earth such as Mars which would presumably harbour much more “high standard” life forms, not just bacterias.

Read the article on bacteria found in Lake Vostok, Antarctica here.

The survival of us human beings on the planet is one that all of us question the most, since we are very much responsible for almost all of the happenings on the planet. I view the doings of man in the modern world as suicidal tendencies; we know some if not most of the things we do to ourselves is doing us no good, yet we still slave ourselves to doing what our lustful desires beg us to do. Lustful desires not only to lustfully covet all natural wealth of the Earth, but also to lustfully take control of all things that were once natural and turn it into something that makes us (or at least makes us think we are) equivalent to the seats held by those who created the Universe.

God must be thinking, Those idiots down there, who do they think they are?

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Whaling things

Posted by ghostpipe73 on February 14, 2008

These are some articles and videos of whales taken in their natural habitat.

I don’t see why our friends from the land of the rising sun prefer to have them for dinner. Some aspects of culture are better kept as memoirs in history books. I’m glad most of my fellow tribal brothers do not chop off heads of adversaries after a soccer match on a Sunday afternoon. Note the operative word, most.

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Earth’s future civilisation may rest in their hands

Posted by ghostpipe73 on February 14, 2008

My interest with giant squids actually started after I watched a Discovery Channel documentary some time ago about how, in the next cycle of life on Earth (should there be another cycle), the evolution of the squid is predicted to occur such that they will be the most intelligent of all the surviving species on Earth at that time.  Scientists from around the globe have in fact tested the intelligence level of cuttlefish, squids and octopuses (family of cephalopods class of mollusk) with some promising but nevertheless highly disputed results.

The photo shown here was taken by the crew of Tsunemi Kubodera, a scientist with Japan’s National Science Museum, who caught the 24-foot (7-meter) animal in September 2005 near the island of Chichijima, some 600 miles (960 kilometers) southeast of Tokyo.

Giant squid captured 600 miles off the coast of Tokyo, Japan

If there is truth in the documentary about cephalopods ruling Earth in the next cycle, then I would tell these delicate yet deadly sea creatures to take heed and learn from the mistakes made by man, who despite being the most intelligent creatures in the current cycle of life, has managed to unceremoniously ravaged nature from almost all of its resources in pursuit of development.  I do hope they will make much, much smarter stewards of the planet.  I think they might, since they survived our development malice.

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Nobel Peace Prize 2007 Winners – Who gains the most?

Posted by ghostpipe73 on October 16, 2007

I was reading some text over the net on Al Gore and the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s winning the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize on Friday, and the former vice president used the attention to warn that global warming is “the greatest challenge we’ve ever faced.”

It is always interesting to see how awards or prizes are most of the time given to those who apparently deserve it due to years upon years of labouring for their good purpose to fight for a just cause. And more so these winners would have done it openly and publicly and with much publicity that even those from outer space could tune in to their intergalactic satellite dishes to watch live performances of worldwide telecasted concert engineered to the very cause of saving the planet. What better reward to receive than a world-acclaimed prize of “trying to do good to the environment” which cannot fend for itself in this modern era.

Let’s not forget of course, the Kyoto Protocol. Now the US GOvernment under President Bush’s administration has abandoned the Kyoto Protocol because he said “it would harm the U.S. economy and because it did not require immediate cuts by countries like China and India. The treaty aimed to put the biggest burden on the richest nations that contributed the most carbon emissions.” The U.S. Senate voted against mandatory carbon reductions before the Kyoto negotiations were completed. The treaty was never presented to the Senate for ratification by the Clinton administration.

It’s always easy to criticise those who try to do their part in the world, be it saving the whales or the championing the fight to have clean air to breathe, and it;s never easy being those doing the fighting. For those of us who are able to do something, then it’s high time we do do something about it. We don’t have to wait for Al Gore and his bunch of merry men to air power-consuming concerts all over the world and ferry expensive artists to perform in them to get our attention on the subject, we just need to open our eyes a bit wider and read just a little bit more and find out what’s happening to the world around us. The weather is enough to tell us that something is not right. No amount of day-long lectures on Kyoto Protocol can save the world. It is up to us individually, you and me.

Listen to the Earth, she speaks through her children. The wind, the sun, the rain, the seas. Do your part to conserve her, do what is right. Don’t wait for Mr Gore or Nobel prize givers or any other media-friendly conservationists. Do it because you want to, and you know you need to.


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