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Voluntary suicide

Posted by ghostpipe73 on June 21, 2008

I don’t have a major in political science or anything associated with the study of politics or the likes. Then again most people who are in politics – at least in Malaysia anyway – do not have such background either.

My disclaimer above serves to clear my conscience on what I’m about to write after this. Not that¬† it’s directly related to it or that it matters at all.

The world as we know it, is going to explode sooner than later. Whether you are aware of this fact or not, the world is. And I mean literally explode. Kaboom.

You see so-called superpowers US continuing their endless saga of industrialisation and their ever-increasing demand for fossil fuel which will inherently annihilate, slowly but absolutely surely, our protective layer up there which has for centuries on end shielded us from UV rays and all other harmful stuff. Well it’s slowly diminishing, folks.

China, Asia’s leading and possibly now the largest force driving the Asian economy, is committing what I term as “voluntary suicide”. Why voluntary suicide? Well, they just had a massive earthquake which rocked the entire province of Sichuan (I hope I got that correct), a total natural disaster. Or was it totally natural?

Very few people in this part of the world know of or care about what goes on in China. China as I know, is the world’s 2nd biggest polluter (in terms of carbon emissions and water pollution). I will let you guess who No. 1 polluter is.

China is slowly “killing” its own 2 billion population by creating and promoting its own silent killer – air and water pollution. While busy trying to be the world’s biggest economic power, determined to topple you-know-who from the top spot, China is committing voluntary suicide in the masses. I pity the Chinese people over there, they have very little to hope for their 2 billion nationals.

That was just an example I use to explain the term “voluntary suicide”.

Nuff said.  I feel sad. Here I am trying to save energy and fossil fuel as much as I can with whatever means I have. Sometimes I wonder, is anyone else out there doing what I am doing? Endlessly and incessantly?

I leave you with one of Gary Larson’s The Far Side cartoon, which I think epitomises how we intelligent humans react to certain thing we know is happening, or is going to happen, and yet act dumbly or ignorantly so as not get blamed for it.


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