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The Fight for Power (Part 3)

Posted by ghostpipe73 on April 5, 2009

If the all-powerful one of Sarawak were to fall one day, who would be powerful enough to replace him?

Perhaps those who are most oppressed now, would be annihilated, by those who now have the most bread and butter in stock.

We are looking at the possibility of self-inflicting genocidal tendencies now, a fast-approaching subculture bred by those who truly despise the white-haired man.

Whether any good or bad it will bring, who knows.


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The Fight for Power (Part 2)

Posted by ghostpipe73 on April 5, 2009

If the Earth were impatient, we’d all be toast right now. Fortunately for us, she isn’t.

Therefore, we should do our best to be kind to her.

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The Fight for Power (Part 1)

Posted by ghostpipe73 on April 5, 2009

Greed knows no limit, if the sword of greed were wielded by the God of Greed himself.

What’s to become of Sarawak, Borneo in the next 5 years to come?

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He’s got a lot to prove this man, God help him

Posted by ghostpipe73 on January 27, 2009

To be one of the world’s most powerful leader is probably what most of us would only dream of becoming. To some it’s a job come true.

This guy has a hell of a lot to prove. If he screws up just by a tiny bit, man what lucrative headlines that would make to the media world.

All the best, Mr President.

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Let It Rain

Posted by ghostpipe73 on January 16, 2009

Rock and opera. Something not down my alley but some things are good even though they are not down your alley.

Jon Bon Jovi and the late Pavarotti. Liberia ’98.

This is a good one.

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Those who suffer the most

Posted by ghostpipe73 on January 15, 2009

Happy new year 2009 to all.

It’s now becoming a norm for us to hear or read news about human sufferings due to human-inflicted activity, such as war, famine, epidemic outbreak, human error resulting in fatality, political upheaval, etc.

The ever-growing trend I notice is that those who suffer the most in almost all these circumstances and calamity can do very little, or not at all, to help alleviate their suffering.

Take the war-torn Gaza strip for example, the simplest and most common of examples. Who suffers the most? Take a guess. And what can they do to help themselves? Not very much. Who’s war is it anyway?

That’s a war example. Something closer to home would be the relocation of communities affected by dam projects, e.g. Murum hydroelectric dam. See link below for some non-affiliated-to-this-blog news:

Sad world. But of course, I believe if you want to turn the tide around, those who suffer the most must first change their mindset to believe that they can help themselves. Belief is first, for without it you can never have anything.

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Melamine’s the Word

Posted by ghostpipe73 on September 28, 2008

China has once again literally made herself a household name, just over a month after the devastatingly controversial-laden Beijing 2008 Olympics ended. This time it’s due to some chemical substance found in a common but very important household item that has been causing the loss of lives among some significant number of infants and serious illness in countless others.

Voluntary suicide does not even begin to describe this vicious, irresponsible act by some of the local industries producing the milk products being aggressively removed off the shelf permanently. What struck me the most as a tragedy worse than the tragedy itself is, they are killing their own people! Now ain’t that the dumbest thing to do. It’s not voluntary suicide anymore, it’s voluntary genocide.

I can only think of 3 reasons why these people did what they did – money, money and money.

Indeed, they will be able to beat the US to be the world’s No.1 economy, at the expense of deleting off some of the more insignificant citizens out of their 2 billion or so population.

I have very little respect for this kind of mentality, be it from these milk makers or anyone else out there who, in the name of money, would have the audacity to de-value human life in order to create infinite profits.

What a screwed up society.

The richer they get, the dumber they become.

I hope those innocent little children who are suffering from the melamine poisoning effects will survive and get better. Someone has to pay for this atrocity.

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Sometimes you wonder why they bother

Posted by ghostpipe73 on July 16, 2008

We have talks, speeches, declarations and lamentations, as well as pledges, promises and sworn oaths made by world leaders to make a better tomorrow for all of us. But will there ever be one?

Take the G8 Summit at Toyako, Hakkaido this year for example. One who is not so world politically-inclined might ask, now what is all that shenanigan about? If given the chance I would answer – does it matter?

Talk is cheap, and so is the walk, after you’ve done the talk. You walk the talk, yes, but if your talk was cheap, then so would be your walk.

Ladies and gentlemen, don’t ever believe off-hand what you see with your eyes.  If your heart strongly feels it is wrong, it most probably is.

Whatever you do, think of what it can do to your future generation.

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Word of the Day – Duress

Posted by ghostpipe73 on July 8, 2008

Of late I’ve been hearing a lot of sentences uttering the use of the phrase “….under duress…”, particularly those pertaining to courtroom news and issues.  Wikipedia has this definition:

Duress or coercion (as a term of jurisprudence) is a possible legal defense, one of four of the most important justification defenses, by which defendants argue that they should not be held liable because the actions that broke the law were only performed out of an immediate fear of injury. Black’s Law Dictionary (6th ed.) defines duress as “any unlawful threat or coercion used… to induce another to act [or not act] in a manner [they] otherwise would not [or would].” The notion of duress must be distinguished both from undue influence in the civil law and from necessity which might be described as a form of duress by force of circumstances.[citation needed] Note that in criminal law, a duress defense is similar to a plea of guilty, admitting partial culpability, so could lead easily to a conviction.

Duress or coercion can also be raised in an allegation of rape or sexual assault to negate a defence of consent on the part of the person making the allegation.

Quite a mouthful that was.

Well I guess my writing of environmental reports which goes against my personal belief and principles for the sake of keeping my job is also, partly, or in some ways, done under some kind of duress.

Most of us probably are doing things under duress.  Take the monks in Myanmar for example.  They are real heroes of their people.

Under Real Duress to Save their Nation - The Monks of Myammar

Under Real Duress to Save their Nation - The Monks of Myammar

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And what is the truth?

Posted by ghostpipe73 on July 6, 2008

I came across an interesting piece of philosophy today, read it off a comment on some ex-politician’s blog post. Loosely translated from Bahasa Malaysia / Malay language, it reads something like this:

“Do not believe anything that you hear with your own ears, and only believe half of what you see with your own eyes, for what you see with your own eyes may not even guarantee you with the real, absolute truth of circumstances.”

So what is the truth then?

I’d figured, only those with powers beyond normal human ability can or would be able to know and find out the real truth.

God would know for sure.

Wonder if anybody ever thought of asking him.

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