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Melamine’s the Word

Posted by ghostpipe73 on September 28, 2008

China has once again literally made herself a household name, just over a month after the devastatingly controversial-laden Beijing 2008 Olympics ended. This time it’s due to some chemical substance found in a common but very important household item that has been causing the loss of lives among some significant number of infants and serious illness in countless others.

Voluntary suicide does not even begin to describe this vicious, irresponsible act by some of the local industries producing the milk products being aggressively removed off the shelf permanently. What struck me the most as a tragedy worse than the tragedy itself is, they are killing their own people! Now ain’t that the dumbest thing to do. It’s not voluntary suicide anymore, it’s voluntary genocide.

I can only think of 3 reasons why these people did what they did – money, money and money.

Indeed, they will be able to beat the US to be the world’s No.1 economy, at the expense of deleting off some of the more insignificant citizens out of their 2 billion or so population.

I have very little respect for this kind of mentality, be it from these milk makers or anyone else out there who, in the name of money, would have the audacity to de-value human life in order to create infinite profits.

What a screwed up society.

The richer they get, the dumber they become.

I hope those innocent little children who are suffering from the melamine poisoning effects will survive and get better. Someone has to pay for this atrocity.


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