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Life on Earth – Bacteria frozen in Antarctic Ice

Posted by ghostpipe73 on February 22, 2008

I was recently alerted by a friend of mine about the existence of bacteria in ice, not any old ice but ice from frozen lakes in Antarctica. Browsing the net I found several articles which shed some light on this new-found phenomenon, quite interesting to me since I’m not much of a bacteria sort of a person. But what actually aroused my curiosity was the mere fact that there is actually life where you think there wouldn’t be any. I’m quite sure if such extreme conditions can harbour a certain kind of life form, then what more to say the nearest planets to Earth such as Mars which would presumably harbour much more “high standard” life forms, not just bacterias.

Read the article on bacteria found in Lake Vostok, Antarctica here.

The survival of us human beings on the planet is one that all of us question the most, since we are very much responsible for almost all of the happenings on the planet. I view the doings of man in the modern world as suicidal tendencies; we know some if not most of the things we do to ourselves is doing us no good, yet we still slave ourselves to doing what our lustful desires beg us to do. Lustful desires not only to lustfully covet all natural wealth of the Earth, but also to lustfully take control of all things that were once natural and turn it into something that makes us (or at least makes us think we are) equivalent to the seats held by those who created the Universe.

God must be thinking, Those idiots down there, who do they think they are?


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